Violin and Strings Group Classes

Twinkle Strings Group Program

Level 1 for beginners ages 5-6

Level 2 for beginners ages 7-9

Jump start your child's music journey by introducing beginner string players to ensemble environment where they can develop their music skills in a creative and fun group setting. This class is designed specifically for young violin/viola beginners and enables students to learn basic violin technique, work on repertoire, develop good listening, music reading, and performance skills while expanding their musicality, creativity, andensemble awareness. Musical games are used to reinforce musical concepts and teach theory and music reading skills. Students develop self-confidence and poise in a group, and obtain motivation and social enjoyment from their peers and friends.

  •  Parent Participation:
    Parent participation is encouraged.
  •  Terms:
    Terms are flexible depending on enrollment.
    Classes are 45 minutes for groups of 5 or more and 30 minutes for 4 or fewer students.
  •  Schedule:
    Click here for weekly class schedule.
  •  Tuition:
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