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SUMMER MUSIC & THEATER ARTS CAMP! Age 5-11, CIT 12-16. Fun-filled musical (singing, intro to playing piano & guitar), and theater arts experience, with new friends, new confidence, new skills. Enroll for THREE sessions- SAVE OVER 30% OFF TUITION!
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Open House, Sun, Jan 28 2018    
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Time Preference: 10:30 - 12:00 12:00 - 13:30
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Prospective student: First Name Date of birth Previous music experience
Classes Interested: Group Classes (Typical Age)   Private Lessons  
  Early Childhood (6 mos. - 3 yo) Piano
  Teeny Keys (3) Guitar
  Mini Keys (4 - 5) Voice
  Kinder Keys (6 - 7) Violin
  Super Keys (8 and up) Viola
  Singing Cello
  Music Theatre Brass
  Dance and Movement Woodwind
    Composition and Jazz Improvization